MIC Quran Program

We are proud to provide a new Quran Program starting January 3rd with Imam Hamzah AbdulMalik. Program is $40 per month. Students will meet with Imam Hamzah twice per week for one hour each day. Sessions available to select from are Monday & Wednesday, Tuesday & Thursday, or Saturday & Sunday.
Sessions will include lessons on Quran Reading & Memorization, Islamic Studies, and Du’a Memorization.
Please see the program details attached. If you want to register or have any questions please email quran@memphisislamiccenter.org.
If you are not able to afford registration fees MIC can provide sponsorships. Please email quran@memphisislamiccenter.org.
Instructor Bio
Imam Hamzah Abdulmalik
Shaikh Hamzah was born and raised Muslim in New Haven, Connecticut and has a passion for maintaining the intergenerational continuity of Islam. He is an al Azhar graduate who has studied and taught Islam for over 15 years. He has memorized the Holy Quran, and served as a teacher for Islamic schools and Masjids in Georgia, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and in the Middle East. He also obtained a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Leadership from Bayan Claremont.
He founded Miraaj Academy in 2017 to teach Qur’an, and leadership skills to Muslim American youth within an American context. He conveys knowledge and religious teaching through experiential learning with focus on internalization of concepts learned. Experiential learning projects include urban gardens, food pantry, Youth Leadership Institute and Islamic Studies Curriculum Development.
He also co-founded Midtown Mosque in 2015 as an effort to revitalized blighted areas in Memphis, Tennessee and with the aspiration of creating a model of spiritual-based activism, in which sacred knowledge and application are cultivated and harmonized.
Imam Hamzah is also a founder of UMMAH (United Masjids Making American History) which is a national collaborative of Imams from inner-city masjids that collaborate to uplift grassroots communities. He is currently the President of Mirage Academy and Resident Scholar of Midtown Mosque in Memphis, Tennessee.
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