MIC Men’s Group

Program Info:

Description: The Memphis Islamic Center would like to announce the beginning of the MIC Men’s Group:

What is the Men’s group?
It is a weekly halaqa (circle) that is not led by one individual but is rather egalitarian in style. Everyone will participate and share, and everyone will benefit in-sha’-Allah.
When? Where?
Every Thursday Evening, over Zoom.
Men who are interested in joining to network, learn, teach, share, grow, and foster better brotherhood in-sha’-Allah.
Islam is one brotherhood, and we believe it necessary to foster that better in-sha’-Allah. This is meant to increase our Eman together, learn together, and appreciate our community’s diversity. Networking, shared interests, and experiences are all necessary for us to be a stronger community. The social fabric of our community has been challenged during these times, and it is incumbent upon us to strengthen it in-sha’-Allah.
Join us by filling out the form below:
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