MIC Fall Programs 2021

We are excited to announce our upcoming fall programs at MIC.

Weekly Series
Every Monday – Top 50 Hadith with Sh. Anwar Arafat
Every Tuesday – Decode with Sh. Anwar Arafat
Every Wednesday – Prophetic Chronicles with Imam Mohammed Faqih
Every Thursday – Islam & Psychology with Sh. Yassir Fazaga

Friday Nights
1st Friday of the Month –  Q&A Discussions
2nd Friday of the Month – Healthy Living
3rd Friday of the Month – Q&A Discussions or Special Guest
4th Friday of the Month – Chai Talk
5th Friday of the Month – Guest Speakers

Other Programs
Every Thursday – Men’s Group with Sh. Anwar
Every Monday & Thursday – Quran Study with Imam Faqih
Every Friday Saturday Sunday and Wednesday – Weekly Soccer
Monthly Sisters’ Halaqa with Imam Faqih

Contact info@memphisislamiccenter.org for additional information.

Essentials Youth Program – Ages 8-17
Every Saturday  // 12:30PM – 4pM

Contact nassir2001@hotmail.com for additional information.

Virtual Sunday School – Ages 5-13
October 3rd – December 19th // 10AM – 1pM

Contact education@memphisislamiccenter.org for additional information.

Fall Quran Program – Ages 6 – 17
October 3rd – December 19th (Every Sunday) // 2:30PM – 3:30PM

Contact alkitab@memphisislamiccenter.org for additional information.

TutorTactix ACT Sessions
Free ACT Prep Basix Session – Saturday October 23rd // 11AM -12PM
Free ACT Prep Basix Session – Saturday November 27th // 11AM – 12PM
Free ACT Prep Diagnostix Session – Saturday December 4th // 8AM – 1130AM
ACT Prep Tactix Intensive – December 11th – January 16th // 11AM – 12:30PM // $720 for six week course

Please contact info@tutortactix.com or 901-287-9998 for additional information.

Morals & Behaviors Youth Program – Ages 13-18
Every Sunday at 12PM for guys and 1PM for girls