Tajweed Class

This hands-on tajweed class is taught by Sr. Susan Ibrahim, a dedicated student of Quran Sciences. Sr. Susan holds Ijaza in 10 Qiraa’t (styles of recitation) with the high Isnad (chain of narration) from well known scholars. She also has Ijaza in classical treatises of tajweed such as Tuhfat Al Atfaal, Al Jazariya and Al Shatibya.

The class will cover the rules of letter pronunciation as well as Quran recitation to help participants learn the art of Tajweed and improve the quality of their Quran recitation.

  • This is a limited enrollment class. The deadline for registration is Monday, September 28, 2015.
  • Class will start on Thursday October 1st, 2015

Registration fee is $30 per student payable online or at MIC. To enroll, fill out the registration form below. All registration funds will go to MIC to support this and future education programs.

For more information please email education@memphisislamiccenter or call 901-231-9340


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Registration is closed for this event.
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