Summer Camp 2017

Field TripRegistration is now open for the 2017 Summer Camp. The program is for ages 5 years and up. The program will have two parts this year:
  • Part I: Quran Quest: From May 29th to June 15th: This is a new program entirely focused on building a stronger relationship with the Quran among students age 5 – 12. We will focus not just on memorizing key surahs and ayahs but we will also teach about the meaning and the context behind each surah. For example older kids will work on surah Al Alaq (Iqra) and through it they will learn about the seerah of the Prophet (SAS) as well as the connection between Ramadan and the Quran. The program will meet 3 days (including Friday to allow them to attend Jumua) per week during Ramadan.


  • Summer Camp Part II– The program will meet 10 am-2:30 pm Monday – Thursday from July 3 – July 21st. Subjects include: Islamic Studies, Quran, Arts & Craft, sports and Field Trip. For Islamic studies, we will focus on three themes this year:
    1. the 6 pillars of Eman,
    2. The 5 greatest prophets, and
    3. Islamic moral code and manners.

The staff is made of experienced teachers as well as young community members who can relate well with students based on their own experience growing up in this society. Activities include basketball, soccer, arts and crafts and exciting field trip.  To facilitate record keeping and for contact information accuracy, we are only taking online registrations.



  • Registration fee is $200 per child.
  • Registration deadline is Wednesday May 31, 2017.
  • Parent orientation session at 10:15 am on May 29th
  • Make online payment here

For additional information, please email or call call 901.231.9340

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