Br. Sameer Mansour

Br. Sameer Mansour

Br. Sameer Mansour


Phone: 901-444-0833 Ext. 107


Born and raised in Memphis, Br. Sameer graduated from the University of Memphis in 2010 with a Biomedical Engineering degree and has been working at Smith & Nephew.

Br. Sameer loves to serve and benefit the community. He brings with him extensive experience in community service especially youth engagement. He was instrumental in the creation of two key Memphis-area youth organizations: Muslim Basketball League of Memphis and 901 Ummah, serving as director to both. He also serves as an advisor on the board for Al-Anhar Institute.

He is currently also pursuing studies to pursue his goal of becoming a Muslim chaplain in the area to local universities and young people in the city.

Br. Sameer’s experience and perspective will be highly crucial in channeling and fulfilling the needs of young American Muslims.

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