Br. Abdo Alnumi

Br. Abdo Alnumi

Br. Abdo Alnumi has been living around the Memphis area since 2002. He is a business administrator and manager and has studied computer repair, networking, business technology, and drafting technology. He also has a two-year diploma in Islamic studies.

Br. Abdo has been involved in many community services, including building mosques, summer school, and sponsoring orphans. In addition, he is a founder and supporter of Noor orphanage and widows’ charity in Yemen, including around 500 orphans and widows. He has also been involved in construction and landscaping. Br. Abdo was nominated to be the President of the Yemeni community commerce association, YAAM, in 2019.

Br. Abdo is MIC’s next-door neighbor. He is a father of 11 girls and two boys as well as a grandfather of 4 grandchildren.


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