About The Project

What is a Family Life Center?

From the time of the Messenger—peace be upon him—the mosque has been the central focus of the Muslim community. Indeed, the Prophet’s mosque in Medina was not just a prayer facility. It was a multipurpose family-centered institution that served as a school, a meeting place, a venue for sport events and other celebrations. Our objective is to build on this powerful heritage and help shape the identity of future generations of proud American Muslims.

Project Description

Our current campus is 55+ acres and already consists of a 6,000 sq. ft. building that houses a prayer hall, multi-function room and meeting rooms.  Also, we have over 350 parking spaces, a large children’s playground, park area with gazebos, a walking bridge and a pond, and many untapped resources.

The next step is to build our main center that will house the masjid/mosque, multi-purpose hall, education facilities, exercise and recreation facilities, offices, and much more!

Future Site of MIC

In July 2008, with the help of Allah and through generous community contributions, MIC acquired a beautiful 31-acre land at the heart of the fastest growing part of Shelby county, TN.  In March 2012, we purchased another 24 acres that now complete a sprawling 55+ acre campus.  Currently we’ve cleared the pad for the construction of the main building.  During the summer of 2013 we finalized architectural plans and hope to break ground on the main building by the end of 2013.

Please support MIC

After the blessings of Allah, it is only with your support that we can complete this iconic project for the Memphis Muslim community.  To find out more, please contact us or visit us anytime.