MIC Leadership

Religious Clergy

Name Title
Sh. Yasir Qadhi Resident Scholar
Br. Safi Khan Youth Director

MIC Board of Trustees & Officers for the Year 2019

Name Position Primary Functions
Dr. Arsalan Shirwany Chairman Fundraising and Overall MIC Operations and Staff
Dr. Mehmet Kocak Treasurer  
Sr. Judy Knefati Trust Secretary Education
Dr. Ibrahim SultanAli Vice Chairman  
Br. Iqbal Khan Trustee Facilities Management, Fundraising, Construction
Dr. Mohammed Moinuddin Trustee Philanthropy & Outreach
Dr. Adnan Naseer Trustee Fundraising
Br. Mahmoud Jaber Trustee  
Sr. Saadia Omer Trustee Philanthropy
Br. Hasnain Zaman Trustee AV
Br. Sameer Mansour Trustee Marketing & Communication
Sr. Suha Dweik Trustee  
Dr Salma Khan-Qureshi Trustee  
Dr Umer Farooq Trustee