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National & International

CBS News – The Early Show: “Tennessee Church, Islamic center embrace post 9/11”;lst;3

NPR – All Things Considered: “A Ramadan Story of Two Faiths Bound in Friendship”

MIC & Heartsong Church on NBC Nightly News (extended segment of the above video on NBC Nightly News)

Dr. Bashar Shala and Pastor Steve Stone on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC)


ABC 24 WPTY-TV: “Muslims, Christians Sit Side-By-Side for Thanksgiving Dinner”

ABC 24 WPTY-TV: “Christians and Muslims Gather for Thanksgiving Dinner”

Fox 13 WHBQ-TV Memphis: “Muslim and Christian Church Celebrate Thanksgiving Together”

NBC Channel 5 WMC-TV: “Heartsong Church hosts dinner for Muslim friends”

WMC-TV Action News 5: “Cordova Church reaches out to area Muslims”

Fox 13 WHBQ-TV Memphis: “Cordova Christians Welcome Mosque”

Fox 13 WHBQ-TV Memphis: “Local Christians Welcome Muslim Neighbors”

News Channel 3 WREG-TV: “Memphis Islamic Center Welcomed Amidst National Controversy”,0,7841552.story

ABC Eyewitness News 24 WPTY-TV : “Memphis Area Muslims Worshiping At Christian Church During Ramadan”


National & International

Washington Post:  “Church welcomes new neighbor, a mosque”

USA Today:  “Cordova Christians put out welcome mat for new mosque”

AOL News/GNN:  “Christian Church and Islamic Center Share Faith and Friendship”

AOL News/GNN:  “Tennessee Christians Lay Out Welcome Mat for New Mosque”

Huffington Post: “Heartsong Church Welcomes Memphis Islamic Center”

CNN-IBN: “Muslims and Christians: an unlikely friendship”


Commercial Appeal:  “Bill restricting Islamic law misguided, un-American”

Commercial Appeal: “Faith Matters: Muslims, Christians share differences, similarities in Sunday conversations”

Commercial Appeal: “Social media helps many places of worship deepen bonds of community”

Commercial Appeal:  “Faith in Memphis: What’s shocking about a mosque is how familiar it seems”

Commercial Appeal:  “Cordova Christians put out welcome mat for new mosque”

Commercial Appeal: “Welcome Mat for Muslims”

Commercial Appeal: “Memphis story of religious tolerance resonates nationally”

Tennessean: “Memphis-area church shares its space with a Muslim group”


Commercial Appeal: “United Front Against Bigotry”

Hartford Courant: “Welcome, neighbor”

The Huntsville Times: “Loving Christians: Memphis-area church opens its doors to welcome new neighboring Muslim mosque”

Fox 13 Tampa Bay WTVT-TV: “Memphis church extends neighborly welcome to mosque”


Fox News Insider: “Memphis Church to Mosque: ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood'”

Rant Rave: “Heartsong Church welcomes Memphis Islamic Center”


National and International

Muslim Matters (blog): “My Reflections on the New York Times Article”

New York Times: “A Marked Man in America”

New York Times: “Yasir Qadhi: An American Cleric”

New York Times: “Why Yasir Qadhi Wants to Talk about Jihad”

CNN International: “Why Comedians are Visiting Mosques”

30 Mosques, 30 States: “The Muslims in Memphis – Part 1”

The Christian Century:  “Prominent Muslims make pilgrimage to Auschwitz”

The Boston Globe: Big Picture – Ramadan 2010
[Dr. Yasir Qadhi is featured in picture #35)

Channel 2 WBBH-TV Fort Myers:  “Military leaders: “Burn a Koran” plan could endanger troops”

The Washington Post:  “Jim Wallis on the story behind Pastor Terry Jones’s change of heart”


News Channel 3 WREG-TV: “People of All Faiths Join Together To Promote Religious Unity”,0,51800.story

Commercial Appeal: “Annual Ramadan Interfaith Dinner softens religious divisions”

Fox 13 Memphis WHBQ-TV: “Heartsong Pastor on Koran Burning Day”

Commercial Appeal: “Memphis Muslims keep faith amid roil of events”

Associated Press / Commercial Appeal: “US Muslims to Demonstrate Loyalty to Country”  “Memphis preacher takes on Koran burning minister”

The Commercial Appeal:  “David Waters: After dream gig in D.C., ’tis faith that brought me home”