Lives Of The Sahaba

Lives Of The Sahaba

Seerah lectures with Dr. Yasir Qadhi will resume after Maghrib at MIC. The new topic will be the “Lives of the Sahaba”. As always lectures will be broadcast LIVE online at For more information please call 901-231-9340 or email  Read More →

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Summer Camp 2015

The focus of summer camp this year is to learn more about the Prophet (saas). His physical description, character, and purpose in our lives. We want to give students a personal connection with the Beloved and how that manifests itself in modern times at school, home, and society. Each week, we will focus on a different aspect of the Prophet’s (saas) life – his physical appearance, hobbies/leisure time, character, method of worship,(duas & dhikr he would do) and community service. For class registeration click here  Read More →

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Essential Islam for Young Adults

Essential Islam for Young Adults Every Sunday at 2:30 pm beginning February 15, 2015 Ages 13 and above ONLY Description: Essential Islam is a semester long program designed to equip students with a practical understanding of Islam and how it relates to other faith traditions. In addition to covering the main teachings and practices of our faith, we will also study the beliefs and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism to enable participants to understand their own identity and relate better to peers from other faith traditions. We will also visit different houses of worship. Some of the sessions will be conducted by Sh. Yasir Qadhi. Curriculum: Week 1: Islamic Terminology Week 2: Muslim Beliefs: Articles of Faith Part I Week 3: Muslim... 

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Join Us on Facebook

In an effort to streamline our social media presence, MIC has created a new community page. All MIC Facebook updates and activities will now be posted to the new page. Please “like” and share this new page to get regular updates about our family life center project and be part of ongoing community discussions. Click here to join if you haven’t yet done so. For more information please contact or call (901) 231-9340.  Read More →

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